Serving REITs as the First Modular Build-to-Rent Developer
Our Mission

Our Mission

The fastest growing demand in real estate is build-to-rent (B2R) single family units. COVID accelerated a preexisting trend of families wanting the freedom that comes with renting. The Zoom-community workforce paradigm shift empowers people to get out of the city and rent new homes in low-density neighborhoods. The problem is that construction labor shortages are driving a housing deficit of 4-million homes and rising. Our mission is to solve that challenge.

Setting new standards in B2R

All steel construction to improve build-precision and reduce termite and fire insurance costs for our REIT customers.


Exceptionally rich finishes and fixtures, such as hardwood floors and Japanese soaking tubs.


Solar powered homes to provide incremental income for our REIT buyers from rent premiums for free electricity.  

Low carbon footprint in our construction aligns with investor demand for “green” portfolios. For example, our factories themselves are solar powered.


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