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Our Story

Modular housing in the Southwestern United States

Our Story

Modular housing in the Southwestern United States

We are a privately-owned real estate firm that develops, manufactures and builds new for-rent modular housing communities throughout the Southwestern United States.

We design and build modular homes with the latest manufacturing technologies that meet the needs for today’s housing market, resulting in attainable communities that create the feeling of home for our residents, and return value to our investors. Our approach is hands-on, innovative, and returns driven.

Modular Homes

A high-volume manufacturer

Modular Homes

A high-volume manufacturer

As a high-volume manufacturer of build-to-rent modular housing, KASA delivers modular homes that live like conventional ones.

They are delivered in a fraction of the time it takes for a production homebuilder to deliver a comparable home. KASA housing production is measured in days—not in months. KASA has been seeded by high-net-worth individual investors and has committed over $11.5 million in capital to build a modular housing factory, purchase a highly experienced general contracting company and acquire 426 finished homesites ready for housing construction.

KASA’s senior leadership team is well seasoned with over 100 years of collective experience in the real estate development and modular construction industry. The KASA team has been assembled to create a strong platform ready to bring new for-rent housing opportunities to fruition.
Renewable Materials


Sustainable materials are intrinsic to our materials sourcing and use.

Build for Rent

Build-to-rent creates a great alternative for millennials while providing outstanding returns for investors. What started primarily as a grass-roots strategy has become the next big investment venture.
Care for Mother Earth

Green Homes

The goal of achieving healthier, more resource-efficient, more cost-effective homes that enhance the lives and experiences the people who live in them.
Premium Safety

Non-combustible framing

Non-combustible materials are building materials that do not burn or ignite when subjected to expected levels of fire or heat.
Superior Craftmanship

Value driven quality homes

Every member of our team is dedicated to delivering an amazing new home for our homeowners.

Setting New Standards in Buy to Rent

Setting New Standards in Buy to Rent

All Steel Construction

All steel construction to improve build-precision and reduce termite and fire insurance costs for our REIT customers.

Rich Finishes

Exceptionally rich finishes and fixtures, such as hardwood floors.

Solar Energy

Solar powered homes to provide incremental income for our REIT buyers from rent premiums for free electricity.

Low carbon footprint

Low carbon footprint in our construction aligns with investor demand for “green” portfolios.