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The Factory

Production Builder with Speed and Efficiency of Manufacturing​

The Factory

Production Builder with Speed and Efficiency of Manufacturing

We are a production builder of volumetric factory-built homes that delivers rental units to our most demanding customer—ourselves.

As a fully integrated builder, we are well positioned to respond to opportunities in markets constrained by labor shortages or material scarcities. KASA homes are 95% complete when they are delivered to the homesite at which time they are installed by KASA employees who self-perform the remaining site finish work.​

Mexicali, Mexico

By locating KASA’s production facility in a 150,000SF facility in Mexicali, Mexico, KASA can take advantage of the lower labor costs, greatly reduced tariffs, and lower transportation costs.

Lower Cost

These efficiencies enable KASA to deliver our homes at a lower cost and faster than conventional builders— especially in underserved markets where improved lots are value priced, challenging for conventional builders that are dependent on trade contractors and face labor shortages to build their homes on-site.

Our roll former is more than a garden variety roll former: generally, roll formers spit out studs and joists.

KASA’s high end, brand new machine is an actual framing station: it turns out roll-formed elements that are pre-punched, pre-cut and pre-drilled to allow 2D panels to be assembled without measurements.

The Factory

60 days from Factory Floor to Home – Better Quality – Less Waste

Quality Housing

60 days from Factory Floor to Home – Better Quality – Less Waste

The outside completion schedule for a KASA single family home is 60 days.

Most of our homes, built in modules, move through our assembly line from start to shipping in 7 days. The foundations can be poured and the site prepped concurrently with the module construction. A KASA home is secured to its foundation upon arrival at the site in approximately 4 hours. KASA recently acquired a highly experienced construction company to oversee its field operations and ensure the site is prepared for housing development. Our general contractor has over 30 years of experience in grading, structural concrete, masonry, landscaping and modular installation. Because KASA self-performs the utility hookups and sitework for our homes, we completely control the development process and schedule.​

We bring everything we need to build our homes to the jobsite—we do not rely on subcontractors and their transient labor force for our vertical construction needs. At peak production, our factory can deliver 1,000,000SF of housing per year.